Cole Beasley has gone TOO FAR!!

Since his departure from Dallas, Cole Beasley has been laying it on the Cowboys. Basically saying it was never his dream to be a Cowboy.. He didn’t love it there and he’s so pumped to be in Buffalo.

(Dude you are pumped about getting paid not being in Buffalo)

And, that is fine… He is saying what he is supposed to be saying to get the Bills fans hyped up.


In a recent interview this little guy just took it way too far:

Josh Allen is the BEST athlete you have played with at QB??

I mean I bet Brandon Weeden could hit a 3?? You telling me Matt Cassel couldn’t cross up a defender on the court?

Ok.. I get it if you don’t wanna say Dak, can’t kill him for that. However… I am pretty sure he is forgetting about quite possibly the greatest athlete in NFL history.

Cole stop lying to yourself and to the good people of Buffalo. The greatest athlete at QB you have ever played with was Tony Romo. Look at that body.

Even JJ Watt was no match for #9.

Gif – Giphy

Nothing says athlete more than…

Gif – Giphy

I just can’t believe these lies Bease is spitting.

Gif – Giphy

I mean he ALMOST ran that snap in…

Gif – SB Nation

Go to the Google Machine.. Type in the word ATHLETE and what comes up:

Image – The Big Lead

And I won’t even bring up how athletic he is on the golf course…

Gif – Giphy

…Or in the booth.

Gif – Dallas Morning News

Sit down Cole…

Gif – Giphy

And show some respect for the GOAT.

Like T.O. Did.

Gif – Tenor


Feature Image – Zimbio

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