Champions League Streaker Gains 2.5 Million Followers, Then Instagram Account Gets Hacked

By now you’ve all seen it unless your girlfriend asks and you “definitely” haven’t: Kinsey Wolanski was the hero we didn’t know we needed this last weekend. Wolanski hopped on the pitch twenty minutes in to Liverpool vs Tottenham and gave a boring soccer game one hell of a spicy twist.

Excellent branding strategy! Who are we to knock the hustle?!
But, you may have not heard about the aftermath. No, I’m not talking legally (although I’m assuming you get arrested and or fined for this?). I’m talking about something much more important and the only thing that matters these days: CLOUT.
After Wolanski pulled her streaking stunt, she ballooned to 2.5 million followers on the Gram. 2.5 million people. Think of all the “OMG perffff” comments with heart eye emojis that will lead to on her posts. It would’ve been a monumental branding moment for this streaking pioneer, but it all went to waste.
Kinsey has sadly informed us that her Instagram profile was hacked and therefore temporarily (or even permanent shut down). Ugh, this is the most heartbreaking moment after a great run in sports since Butler almost beat Duke on a half-court buzzer beater in the National Championship.
I can understand how devastating this Instagram hack can be. To get all that clout, all for nought? That’s the modern day heartbreak. One time I accidentally deleted a tweet I had 4 likes on and it still feels like a gut punch to this day. I can’t imagine being so desperate for clout you run on the field at a soccer match in a body suit. Only for your account to get shut down mere hours later. A sadder ending than Marley & Me. Here’s hoping Wolanski’s Twitter account takes off.
Speaking of taking off, I am not opposed to this becoming a new trend. Beautiful women sneaking onto the field at major sporting events is the only thing we’ve been missing. We have had so many stupid trends, please let us have more Kinsey Wolanski’s. If eating a spoonful of cinnamon can be a trend, girls like Kinsey prancing across the field in a body suit can be a trend too.
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