Big News From Today’s Pokémon Direct

This happens every single time there’s a direct, they always hook me back in. As an irresponsible adult who still likes Pokémon more than I should when November 15th comes you better believe I’m taking the day off from work and just playing Pokémon.

If for some strange reason you didn’t watch the direct this morning let me bring you up to speed. First, they announced the two box art legendaries and buddy… they fucking stink. Real bad. I would assume they’re both pure Steel types but you never really know.

Bad news part dos, we didn’t get to see the starters first evolution which is just super annoying. The next direct is a Nintendo direct (not just a Pokémon one) and people are guessing that’s when the starter evolutions will be announced, if not we riot. That will be on the 11th coinciding with E3.

We were also shown 5 brand new Pokémon and honestly I either love them like these two.

Or their just mid. I don’t hate any of the new Pokémon, aside from the legends, which is a good sign.

A nice new feature is the “Wild Zone”. It’s basically just a huge area of land in the center of the map with wild Pokémon wondering around. It looks amazing and is basically what most people wanted the whole game to be so we’ll see to what extent they take this.

Last and probably least is the new “Dynamax” feature. This is just super meh. Basically, in the wild zone are these spots where you and people online do a sort of raid battle vs a 273 foot tall Pokémon. One person gets to catch that Pokémon and then you get this abomination during a gym battle.

Thankfully this only works for 3 turns but it is just the most unneeded shit ever. At least it isn’t armored evolution because I would’ve thrown my game into traffic if that rumor was true but we just wanted Megas back and that hope keeps dying with each direct.

They announced a few of the main characters you’ll be interacting with throughout the game but I won’t spoil everything. If you want to watch the direct for yourself you can click here for the full video.


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