Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone Responds On Radio To Dave Portnoy

Joe Curtatone jumped on Boston Herald Radio to talk about his beef with Dave Portnoy and Barstool. If you’ve missed what’s been going on catch up here.

A lot to unpack here. First off, I call Joe Curtatone a coward because he decided to give this interview knowing damn well Portnoy wouldn’t be on the radio today. You might think, come on that’s just a coincidence but I’m not buying he didn’t know beforehand. He could say whatever he wanted without Dave being given the opportunity to rebuttal. No shot that just happens. This was a play from a guy that knew he was getting bodied on twitter. Seems like a big time sleazeball move if you ask me.

The first thing in the interview that jumped out at me as completely laughable and hypocritical. Mayor Joe saying he would debate Dave at any point and time. LOLOL What are you talking about? Portnoy has gone on the radio and via twitter multiple times and requested a good ol’ fashion debate. Seems like the pride of Somerville is ducking Dave like he owes him money. Hypocrisy on a billion trillion.

Next up Joe says there is racism, sexism and white supremacy. The interviewer then asks directly, “are you saying white supremacy in relations to Barstool.” Joe tries to backtrack so fast it he nearly torn his ACL. “No I just mean in general terms of the type of people who put stuff out into he world.” What a bozo just like everyone else out there crying foul. All this talk and the second they’re pressed to produce some examples it turns to a bunch of uhhhs and ummms. You’d think a politician would have prepared some talking points. My God he didn’t even to drop skinny jeans during this softball interview.

People reading this are going to say well why do you care? I care because it’s these types of people that hate us too and really anyone else giving their opinions/making jokes on the internet. People like Joe will believe anything they read. He took an article that falsely stated that unconscious girls were being cared out of a blackout party caveman style. If that actually happened, do people honestly think Barstool would be around? It’s time to use your brains.

I hope for our sake and every other blog/publication/podcast out there just trying to have fun and crack some jokes that Dave embarrasses this guy. Go right to Somerville, walk in his office with a camera and ask him to debate. He will shrink like the mouse he is and call the cops. But it will be great content. After that I hope Dave makes one of his interns move to Somerville and run for mayor. He said on radio he wouldn’t want to live there. Fine. Make someone else. Tell Glenny Balls he has to move asap.

Balls 2020.

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