Klay Probably Hurt His Hamstring From Too Much Sex

Klay Thompson injured his hamstring and the Warriors still found a way to beat the Raptors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. After the game he was limping around with an ice pack around his leg and talking shit to Drake.

He seemed in relatively good spirits and has already said there’s no way he misses game 3 although we have no idea the true extent of his injury right now. What we do know is what Klay is going through off the court is much more severe than any hamstring injury. In fact, Klay’s dick game may be the real reason for his Charley horse.

Up until about a month ago, word on the blogs was that Klay was dating actress Laura Harrier and it doesn’t honestly get much hotter than Laura.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 12.56.36 AM.png

Perhaps one of the only women on the planet that falls into the category ‘potentially hotter than Laura Harrier’, Eiza Gonzalez was spotted out with Klay in LA and things have gotten messier since.

During game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, Laura was seen in the stands and reportedly with Klay’s mom.


In a hot girl war for Klay’s attention, Eiza followed and then unfollowed him on Instagram. I’ve professed my love for Klay already and if I could choose one player to come to my Lakers in free agency it would be him. Mostly it’s because of his weird ass personality and ability to score like, a lot, but it also has to do with his obvious big dick energy. You just can’t get girls like Laura Harrier and Eiza Gonzalez to engage in modern day social media warfare if you don’t get a little “fiery under the covers” as Pat Shurmur would say. Instagram influencers sitting in the mezzanine section are one thing, but these women are court side quality.

An hour before game 1 of the Finals, Laura unfollowed Klay again on IG. It has to be pretty recent because he was just liking this pic from 6 days ago.


Allegedly, according to SportsGossip,

Laura Harrier caught Klay lying and cheating again and had enough of his mess. She ended it for good this time and unfollowed Klay on IG. Laura posted a hot bikini pic on IG that Klay liked only a few days ago. Check out the comments from her good friend Bria (Chronicflowers) calling out the Lizzo song Truth Hurts on the same photo Klay liked. Klay really disrespected her. Laura’s friends and her family are happy and relieved that she ended it with him. They’ve been in her ear about Klay’s cheating for a while. We’re really happy for Laura she deserves so much better than how Klay treated her. I’m sure she won’t be single for long. Her DMs are poppin.

Whoever this “source” is has to be one of Laura’s actual friends to add the detail that her DMs are poppin. The rest of her squad fulfilled their duties by commenting empowering things on the thirst trap.


Whatever has been going on at Klay’s trap house, it’s plausible to think he might have actually tightened his hamstring before this awkward landing.

Somebody needs to bring Klay some bananas and a whole lot of water and he should be fine by game 3.


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