I’m Ready to Run Through a Wall

Kinda surprised the Bruins are just posting porn on their Twitter but I’m here for it. I went to the Blues Twitter thinking they must’ve put together some cute little highlight video and they did, I mean they tried to at least. It was honestly sad, they only showed two goals. The city of St. Louis only has two goals and a twenty second clip to hype them up for tonights game and I feel bad for them.

I almost hope Binnington plays tonight and plays well because if he shits himself twice in the Stanley Cup Finals at home they might actually burn him at the stake. With that being said I think it is almost written in stone that he gets pulled again, this kid is in the locker room at this very second puking and shaking thinking about the boys in black and gold. If I had to give a score for this game I would say, conservatively of course, Bruins win 5-0. Nothing too crazy just your typical 5 nothing win.

Can i be honest with you? Bruins are gonna win this series regardless so I’d be okay if they lose tonight only if that means I get a part 2 of this.




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