An Actual Football Player Would Rather Play With Marcus Mariota Than Tom Brady Because “Who Knows How Many Years He’s Got Left”

Thank god Adam Humphries didn’t sign with the Patriots because we don’t tolerate this type of stupidity in New England.

“Obviously, he’s the G.O.A.T. That’s that simple,” Humphries said, via Travis Haney of “But there’s so much that factors into a decision. It was a four-year deal. Who knows how many [years] he’s got left. There’s a lot that goes into it.

“Obviously the chance to play with him would have been awesome, but a lot of things factor into that decision. Ultimately, I thought this was coming here to a team that was on the rise and with young talent on the offense and a really good defense. They’d had a taste of the playoffs. I felt like my need at the slot position was great. I felt like I could really contribute and start something new here.”

Sure sounds like someone who is not ready for that life. I get it, it’s not for everyone. The grueling workouts, learning how to curve the media, the formations and the playbook. I would have respected Adam Humphries more if he just said yeah sorry I don’t want the immediate pressure to become the next Julian Edelman and win a Super Bowl in my first season. I’d rather chill out in Nashville (pretty cool city) and get to know the lay of the land from the 65 former Patriots players and staff members before having to beg Bill Belichick to sign me in 6 years when Tom Brady is playing for his 12th Super Bowl.

If you want to use the “how many years does he have left” argument, maybe don’t go to a team that has Marcus Mariota and Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. They both will be out of the league before Brady, and that’s a god damn guarantee.

Also Adam is 25, so those crisp routes and sharp cuts are only going to be available for another 4 years or so anyways. Tom Brady was probably the one wondering how many more years Adam Humphries has left. Plus, we wanted Andy Isabella anyways.

To think I thought this man had a good head on his shoulders after declaring the love of my life his biggest inspiration.


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