Double Shot At Love With DJ Pauly D And Vinny Episode 9: Pauly Is Still The Reigning Prank War Champion

Everyone is reeling from the shock of sending B-Lashes home. Considering B-Lashes said under 2 words to the guys she is on a TV show to date, they are the only ones shocked.

Brittnay is complaining about being everyone’s emotional support and I feel like this is an industry trick to set up her cab ceremony. We’ve just never had this much Brittnay camera time before.

Finally, the girls are in their finest athleisure for a competition. They have gotten it way too easy so far. This is a Challenge style elimination where they have to untie themselves from a rope and unlock a code. It’s an athletic challenge so obviously Nikki wins. She might actually have a future on The Challenge and I will not be surprised when that happens.

They get to go on a spa date and something tells me that Pauly is skipping the head massage part because it might break someone’s fingers.

Back at the house, Holly is having a meltdown because her cab is a few blocks away and Vinny makes her feel better like he always does. He’s just way too nice.

Pauly and Vinny decide to pull a huge prank on all of the girls by hiring a brat ‘actress’ kid to pretend she’s Pauly’s daughter. I got pranked by the Prank War Champion last week because I really thought we were going to get a glimpse of Pauly’s actual daughter. If I was genuinely interested in Pauly, and I am, I would be actually mad about this prank. Having to impress a kid for absolutely no reason is such a waste of time.

After having a tea party and playing dress up all day, Pauly and Vinny tell the girls this is just a random child they borrowed for the day. No one seems that mad or they just don’t want to seem that crazy. They also announce that 2 girls are going home, but all the ones that survive get to go on Pauly D’s private jet to a DJ gig and to Staten Island. Getting eliminated before the PJ trip would be so depressing.

We didn’t really see much one on one time with any of the girls except Nikki so I feel a bit unprepared for this cab ceremony. I’m already suspecting Brittnay is on her way out due to all of the screen time but who else is going home?

Turns out it’s Holly. The guys agree to continue to be friends with Holly after the show, which means they will like a few of her Instagram pics.

It’s then down to Alysse and Brittnay and for some reason they can’t make a decision and no one else is going home. Personally I think it’s time to cut the fat at this point in the show but good for these girls getting their private jet experience. I’m jealous.

All of the girls are going with Pauly to Texas first, even the ones that are only interested in Vinny. They will then fly to see Vinny and his dog in Staten Island. That is if the plane lands in the first place. There is minor turbulence on the PJ and Elle is freaking out. Do you think they just let anyone carry precious cargo like DJ Pauly D across the country? The pilot is probably an air marshall with a black belt. Someone give her a Xanax and let’s get to the club.




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