We’re Handicapping Carson Wentz’ AO1 Home Run Derby

Tomorrow is the AO1 charity softball event at Citizens Bank Park at 6:30 pm. Tickets are still available so if you are around the area you should definitely think about going. It all goes to a great charity and there are sure to be some fire works.

The softball game should be fun but the real entertainment is going to be the home run derby. I haven’t seen odds for this anywhere but I’m sure some degenerate is going to be taking bets. So we thought, what the hell, let’s place some lines for this event. Starting from biggest underdog to favorite:

Elliot +10000: No shot. He might not even get a ball to touch the wall, let alone slug a home run. If you like throwing your money away on dogs that are hopeless, here you go. This is the equivalent of betting on Eli to throw for over 55 touchdowns this season.

Wisniewski +1000: Might be shocked with Wis at that high of odds but too big, not enough bat speed. Also by the second round he’ll be gassed.

Clement +800: Too small. Not much more to it than that.

Kelce +650: The fan favorite. This is the line Vegas throws out there knowing that fans will bet with their hearts. You see Kelce at +650 you think value. Forgetting though that by the time the derby starts he’ll be drunk. Not going to win when you’re seeing two different balls out there.

Sudfeld +500: Here’s a value pick. Tall with a strong arm. Great chance at staying under the radar and sneaking away with the whole thing. No one will bet on the nerdy looking guy.

Rodgers +450: Slight edge over Sudfeld being that he’s got 30 extra pounds on him. Little extra pop there.

Grugier-Hill +300: Linebackers are scary humans. They play mean and GH is no exception. He isn’t looking to hit the ball, he’ll be looking to murder it. Guarantee he will be swinging out of his shoes

Graham +200: Another big scary human. The X-factor here is that he’ll have the crowd behind him. People will never forget that strip sack. Including Mr. Brady.

Ertz +125: Just pure athlete. Big, fast, strong and if Julie is there he’ll be even more juiced up trying to prove that he isn’t the second best athlete in the household.

Goedert Even: That’s right, this is going to come down the the tightends. At 6’4″ 260 with body fat % hoovering around 5%, he’s a monster of a man. Dallas has the intangibles as well. Second string to Ertz, great opportunity to show him up in front of the home crowd. At even money, Godert would be my shoe box bet.


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