Lil Nas X Gives the Performance of a Lifetime

Okay, let me get a couple things off my chest.

  1. Lil Nas X sucks
  2. This song is so stupid
  3. This song is catchy as fuck
  4. I sing this song almost every day
  5. I hate myself for knowing 90% of the words

Anyway, now that that’s over with, let’s get onto the good stuff.  Lil Nas X absolutely crushed a performance the other day at one of the most lit venues I’ve ever seen.

A goddamn elementary school.

Couple things here:  this crowd is WILD.  These kids look like me and my boys at an N’Sync concert in ’99.  Also, Lil Nas X’s agent needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY.

This guy has one of the hottest songs in the world right now, and his agent books a mid-day elementary school show?  Fuck outta here.  He could be selling out the Garden!!!

Lastly, he needs to fire his wardrobe coordinator, too.  This whole “rapper cowboy” thing is played out at this point.  He just looks stupid in his cowgirl boots and tasseled jean jacket.  Imagine if Garth Brooks started dressing like a rapper?  People would absolutely hate it… and he’d look like an idiot… kinda like Lil Nas X.



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