It’s Official: This Is The Hottest Tom Brady Has Ever Looked

My sensors have been up for a while now, and I’m ready to make an official diagnosis. I have enough visual evidence to believe that we are currently living in a time where Tom Brady is at his hottest. I started this campaign in early May.

And this was the photo shoot that solidified it for me.

I don’t think it’s going too far to say that even if you weren’t a Patriots fan it would be acceptable to have these pictures printed on canvas or hung as a mural in your house. Between the use of focus, color scheme and the butt chin, I feel like I should have to pay a licensing fee to even look at these pics. And he hasn’t stopped producing masterpieces.

I think now that it’s finally died down, it’s time we actually investigated those claims about Alex Guererro and the TB12 method because that cherubic face in the last photo is beyond the powers of the normal world. Something fishy is going on here, and I’m not complaining. I mean, how do you explain this???


Just a reminder this is the same person:

We have never seen a glow up like this one. Who says there was only one Benjamin Button? I just find it hard to believe that giving up tomatoes and strawberries does something this extraordinary.

I’ll say it again, I worry I will never be truly happy because I will never find a man who measures up to Tom Brady. No one could possibly come through for me in the way Tom always has. It doesn’t help that he is also incredibly attractive and those readily available to me are not.

I only hope this announcement leads to one thing–changing the SNF graphics. I can’t bear to look at them anymore. It’s complete and total disrespect on behalf of NBC at this point. You take one bad photo shoot with an NFL approved photographer and they’ll make sure to use it for the next 15 years. These photos are from 2011 at the latest and it’s just not what he looks like anymore. We are smack dab in the middle of the Hottest Tom Brady era so get used to it people. Knowing Tom this will last another 42 years.




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