Worst “First Pitch” in history??

Well… There is an age old tradition of throwing the first pitch out at a baseball game. We even saw Eytan Shander get that honor this year at a local High School. But there is no bigger stage than throwing out the pitch at a Major League ballpark.

It is a great honor… But it is kind of a no win situation. People really only remember the awful pitches (there have been many) and never really remember any of the good ones. In fact I can’t remember one that stands out that went right down the middle.

It’s like looking at a car accident. Humans just can’t look away, and can’t forget. Unless it is your family member I am guessing that over half the crowd is rooting for a horrible pitch each game.

We have seen some really horrible ones on the past.

50 Cent:

I mean… HOW?!

Baba Booey:

And, he openly admitted to Howard Stern he was practicing for weeks!!

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila

American Ninja my ass.

Bruce Willis

A newer one from this action star. First Bruce you aren’t even on the mound. Come on man. BOOce Willis!!


Image – Fox News

But last night what we saw in Chicago is immediately rocketing to the top. Not only did it take a HARD left turn not even close to the plate. But she just about killed a guy… A CAMERA GUY!


That is one of the best things I have seen in a long time!

Keep on “pitching


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