This Weatherman Who Is Mad No One Wants To Watch The Weather When The Bachelorette Is On Needs To Sit The Fuck Down

Apparently there is an emergency tornado warning in Ohio. Of all the natural disasters, tornadoes are up there with ones not to fuck with. Only thing higher for me is tsunamis. But this weatherman is in the middle of telling people how much it’s going to rain, which doesn’t sound that urgent of a message for a real tornado warning. Alas, he’s simultaneously checking his mentions to see how people are responding to his new tie.

He had the lucky job of interrupting the rabid fanbase of Bachelor Nation. Considering there is absolutely nothing worse than having a show you are really excited to watch interrupted by an emergency broadcast or like, the President speaking about anything. But there really is no need for this guy to be breaking into an important show like that when the internet exists. No one watches TV for actual information anymore. You want to know what’s going on with the local nado? Look at the trending topics on Twitter. I’m sure someone’s aunt has shared some info on Facebook. Even my mom would ask Siri. There has to be some NCIS show that you can interrupt instead. If there is a tornado happening in my city I don’t need the local news to tell me. People have blogs to write, tweets trying to go viral, brands are built during The Bachelorette. The tornado probably can wait 45 minutes for Hannah B to give out a group date rose.

My hatred for weather people (is that politically correct still?) runs deep. Weather people always want to play the victim and act like they are local heroes when they are wrong about the weather 99% percent of their time. It’s the only job where you can be wrong all the time and still get a steady paycheck. In fact I think a federal bureau should be constructed to hold weather people accountable for their inaccurate predictions. If you aren’t over 40% accurate you’re fired. Even that number seems low. Technology is pretty fucking advanced nowadays, you mean to tell me they can’t figure out what the weather is going to be like 24 hours from now?

I don’t blame these people in Ohio for demanding they put The Bachelorette back on. I bet a tornado is not even close by. Just going to come out tomorrow saying oh sorry the weather pattern changed–it swung a left and didn’t pick up enough tail winds.

This guy is BESIDE HIMSELF that people are upset about his shenanigans in such a serious situation. It bothers you that people don’t care about others safety Jamie? Well you don’t seem to care about watching Hannah stand up for herself against a mysonginistic douchebag¬† and that bothers me. Who says one is more important than the other? We all have different priorities and no one is better than the other.



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