Fake Outrage Over Barstool Supplying Rally Towels Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

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People love to hate, especially when it comes to companies like Barstool. So when the Boston Bruins sent out the following tweet to thank Dave and Barstool for the towels, close minded dweebs people lost their minds.

No harm no foul right? Let’s take a look at some of the responses.

Oh the classic “Barstool harasses women even though there isn’t a single shred of evidence to support that annnnnnnd every woman that works there disagrees. But sure. Go on, what else you got?

What do you mean these people?

Nice hashtag and don’t get me started on that hat. It’s totes ma goats

Lot of graphic designing just to get a shitty point across. See what I did there?

Overall it’s hysterical to watch people freak out because a team has partnered with the biggest sports media outlet on the planet. Crazy to think they would show support to the cities most influential sports fan amirite? This is what is going to keep people jumping on Barstool’s bandwagon from now until the end of time.

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