Constipated Woman Forgets 10 Years Of Her Life From Pushing Too Hard

Mirror UK: “A constipated woman lost more than 10 years of memories after straining too hard on the toilet, it is claimed.

The anonymous woman had a ‘mental blackout’ because of constipation, according to reports from Hong Kong.”

Next time your girlfriend, fiancé or wife is yelling at you for being on the toilet too long, show her this article. No need for her to be forcing you off faster than your body is ready. You try rushing your time on the toilet you might forget her entire existence. She’s not going to want you pushing so hard that you get all Men In Black mind erased.

Also can we talk about how terrifying it would be to lose your memory on the toilet. Think about that, you lose 10 years of your life, that means you most likely have moved in the past decade. You just come to your senses in a strange house, half naked on the toilet. Immediately go into Liam Neeson Taken mode. Can’t think of a worse case scenario.

On the other hand though, what a great way to get out of doing something you don’t want to do. Have some boring family party you don’t want to go to? Boom, pretend you lost your memory pushing out a monster turd. No body hates a person with amnesia. Which brings up something else I need to say and I don’t want to be judged for it.

Amnesia looks kind of entertaining. Not like learn how to walk amnesia but like forget all your friends amnesia. Be kind of fun to just lose every problem you have. Like a little brain vacation. Also you get to make a ton of new friends. I mean they’re old friends but new to you. I don’t know, guess I’m just a half glass full kinda guy.

Featured Image: Mirror UK

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