Rob Pelinka was such a good agent he could get his client a meeting with a dead guy…

So Rob Pelinka is currently getting crushed. After Magic Johnson left the Lakers, which basically left Pelinka in charge the shit storm began to unload on Rob.

Magic went on ESPN and talked about back stabbing and basically how much he hated Pelinka. Now more and more stories are coming out about how much of a douche this dude is.

Everyone knows he used to be an agent and used to be Kobe’s agent and would basically do anything for his client… Apparently so much so he would set up ANY meeting Kobe wanted.

After the movie The Dark Knight came out, Pelinka watched it and fell in love with Heath Ledger’s role as the Joker. So much so that he felt an image of Kobe learning how to “lock in” by Ledger was a must…

He announced a dinner meeting of the two for that very reason.

…Ledger died six months before the movie came out.

Keep on keepin on Rob.


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