Double Shot At Love With DJ Pauly D And Vinny Episode 8 Recap: The Gang Finally Leaves The House!

I start this episode with a whole new perspective since I learned that Nikki used to date Cory Wharton from The Real World/Challenge/Teen Mom.

Everyone goes back to the club aka a random living room in the house covered with black tarp and a fake bar. Do they even have a bartender or do they have to make their own drinks??

After a large amount of alcohol, they walk 3 feet back to the kitchen to eat. Everyone is shocked because Vinny is blackout and eating carbs. Pauly and Nikki sneak away to the very private area on the first steps of the staircase in the middle of the house. People are just walking by them to get up and down the stairs like it’s nothing. Marissa (finally!), in her sweatpants, yanks Pauly away to discuss her parents divorce. Sounds like a huge downer but Marissa seems kind of cool and she doesn’t start ugly crying and her parents separated 3 months ago. That’s a keeper.

We cut to BREAKING NEWS: THEY HAVE LEFT THE HOUSE. I think this is actually the first time any of the girls have left the house in weeks. They have basically been being held in captivity with nothing but Jersey Shore reference competitions. They head to the roller rink, and these girls are shaking in their boots that they won’t be able to document this on Insta story all day.

It’s becoming clear that all of these girls are here for Pauly. I think living in the shadow of Pauly D for the past 10 years has really gotten to Vinny’s self confidence. He cries to Elle that no one cares when he kisses her and that everyone is only concerned with Pauly and she basically says she wants to kiss Pauly instead. It must be hard, plus he doesn’t eat carbs. Carbs make you happy.

Throughout the day at the rink there is a lot of “can I steal him for a sec?” and it’s basically Pauly telling all of them he’s into them because he is a really nice guy and never wants to hurt anyones feelings.

Marissa gets Pauly for a sec and they make out. She is gloating, and at that moment her entire trip has been worth it. It doesn’t matter if Marissa’s cab is here at the next ceremony, she came to make out with Pauly D at least one time.

Vinny put the idea into Elle’s head and now she texted Pauly to meet in the gazebo. They both tell each other they are hot for 10 minutes and make out. I imagine that’s how it goes in all hot people relationships, just talking about how hot each other is. Pauly comes back into their shared bedroom and confesses right away. Vinny pretends to be mad but I think he actually is.

AGAIN we get no haircut this week and we go straight to the cab ceremony. Vinny’s hair is getting a little out of control, what is going on. The guys start sending group texts to select groups and in the end we are down to B-Lashes and Alysse. Someone named B-Lashes is only meant to last halfway through a reality TV show, B-Lashes can’t even sniff a top 6. Unfortunately her cab is heah and on her way out she warns the house not to let Nikki dull their sparkle(s). These bitches have so many sequins and rhinestones she couldn’t dull it with her personality if she tried.

People are trying to compare Nikki to the Flavor of Love Queen New York. First of all Nikki doesn’t have the ounce of star power that New York has. There are times she sits back and just whines. New York never stands in the back, or whines.

The preview for next week shows Pauly’s daughter visiting the house and my jaw just dropped. Have we ever even seen her before?!?!? Is it Jerzday again yet?



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