Don’t Let Aaron Rodgers Weak Chugging Distract You From The Bucks’ Owners Daughter Wearing A Pusha T Shirt To Flirt With Drake And It Worked

Everyone is making fun of Aaron Rodgers for his awful chugging abilities during last night’s Bucks Raptors Eastern Conference Finals game. It’s just a quality I wouldn’t want in my quarterback. If you listed the top 3 qualities necessary for a Hall of Fame, Super Bowl QB, I’d say pocket presence, adjustments at the LOS, and ability to chug beer and look cool in front of your teammates. Aaron Rodgers just doesn’t have it.

Tom Brady most definitely has it.

But what everyone is missing in this hullabaloo is Mallory Edens, the daughter of Bucks owner Wes Edens (and also a model), wearing a Pusha T shirt giggling innocently court side next to Aaron.

I think officially the Drake/Pusha feud has been declared over, after no one really cared that much that Drake had a secret kid. In most normal people’s eyes, Drake can do no wrong. You can call him corny and annoying all you want but he just keeps rolling out hits and making trillions of dollars. Have you seen his airplane?

The one thing Drake is missing in life is winning sports teams; it’s one way that he and I will never relate. He’s not used to the spotlight like this. No one wants to let Drake and the Raptors get hot. Those Canadians are in full force, standing outside in the middle of the street watching the game on a projection screen instead of comfortably on the couch like the most of us. No one knows how to act. Drake’s massaging the coach on the sidelines and people are getting annoyed even though it’s the most entertaining part of this series. The NBA is going to let Drake do whatever the fuck he wants as long as he’s bringing the eyeballs. Without LeBron, Drake is the last hope.

Judging by his reaction, I wouldn’t be surprised if Drake told this Mallory chick to wear the shirt. No billionaire’s daughter white girl knows where to even buy a Pusha T shirt. Drake just likes the attention. He might not have showed up in Milwaukee to give court side pedicures, but Drake doesn’t take a night off from the internet.

If this was her making her grand gesture to Drake, it’s working. Nothing a guy likes more than a good neg.

Let’s see her bring that shit to Toronto though, they might call her a meanie.



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