Did Aaron Rodgers (Pathetic) Beer Chug Cost Milwaukee The Series?

I can’t believe Bucks fans had the audacity to bitch about Drake all week. Only for their A-list celebrity to get on the big screen, chug half a beer and quit. This right here is why the Milwaukee Bucks lost last night:

As an Eagles fan, best believe Carson Wentz would finish the whole damn beer.
That was horrendous on so many levels and it may have just cost the Bucks the series and their season. It was a wasted opportunity to get the crowd going, it was a wasted opportunity for the city of Milwaukee to look like cool celebrities live there. And, it was a wasted troll job.
The daughter of the Bucks owner, who was sitting next to Rodgers, had a Pusha T shirt on. Great troll job on Drake who’s been the star of the show in an otherwise boring series. Except, Rodgers ruined it by spitting up his three swigs of beer he could get down. Then, the Raptors win and Drake posts the woman on his IG story and makes her his profile picture. Rodgers somehow ruined everything on and off the court Milwaukee had going for them.

Rodgers, known for being a ME guy not a WE guy, probably chugged that beer like a puss on purpose. He wanted to sabotage the Bucks season so he and the Packers could be the most important franchise in Wisconsin again.

I would say I feel bad for Bucks fans…but I don’t. My belief all year was that despite the best record in the East, the Sixers and Raptors were better than them. It’s starting to look that way. It’s a terrible feeling knowing the Sixers were 4 bounces on a rim and a legitimate back-up Center away from playing in the NBA Finals. But probably not as bad a feeling as getting on the Jumbotron and chugging half a beer and quitting…on the entire city.
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