Follow Friday: QB54

Branded Sports is proud to introduce you to the next big thing in tailgating games, football and really mankind. We give you QB54. This game is the future of tailgating. Forget all those other bullshit games with Frisbees and ping pong balls. Let’s get it back to a real sport and separate the men from the boys. QB54 puts the classic football back in your hands.

Want to see this thing in action?


Name another game that can convert from competitive game play to chilling on the beach with a beer in the matter of seconds? It’s as easy to play as it is to enjoy. And if you consider yourself even half of a real tailgater you need one ASAP. The game sets come in all different colors. I say if you’re an Eagles fan you get your hands on the green set. 

Do yourself two favors. 1. Go give these guys a follow on twitter @playqb54

2. Go buy one of this right now. Listen you already missed MDW but we still have all summer/fall/winter/spring and summer again. QB54 isn’t a 1 season game, we’re talking all year entertainment.

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