If Drake Court-side Bothers You, You’re A Loser

Drake is a huge sports guy, big fan. The unofficial Mayor of Toronto and the Raptors #1 fan boy, at times he even doubles as the court-side mascot. Everyone is giving him a pretty hard time, simply because if you’re that famous acting like that front row at an NBA playoff game people are probably going to notice. But I don’t understand why people are surprised and hating on the poor fella so much. I mean if I was Drake… had that much money.. was that famous.. I would be out there trying to take a jumper . I mean the price of those seats? I would at least want to come off the fucking bench. So what is everyone up in arms about the Driz Dog getting a little saucy on the sidelines? fucking relax. We would all probably be worse if put in his shoes, I certainly would be.

If you don’t like it that is great, that’s what sports are for. Hating things and forgetting our real life responsibilities, so I am all for this. Though for anyone to be upset at old Drake for getting a little fired up come playoff time shut it, Toronto hasn’t won anything since he was a 6 year old on the cusp of becoming a child actor. Hes traumatized like we all are up in Canada, we simply haven’t won anything in so long.

In all seriousness though I really hope the Raptors pull it off so I can watch Drake in the finals. I haven’t even watched a second of game time since Drake wore that Purple Winter Jacket court-side in Game 3, I have since just stared chronicling his each and every move.

Milwaukee is losing their minds right now at Drake. Which is hilarious, they are mad at a guy who literally isn’t on the court. They go into Toronto and drop both games, and Drake is making Milwaukee headlines. If you don’t want to be taunted by Drake Court-side, or anyone for that matter. Don’t miss free throws, Don’t suck ass, play good and they have nothing to say. It is so very simple. Heaven forbid the only celebrity from Canada is having a little fun watching his squad in the Playoffs.

Love this time of year, people arguing and bitching at each other and not even realizing that this is the way it was meant to be. We have already made it people. We did it. I am not a big basketball guy but this has been a fun playoffs to watch, I am not even a huge drake guy but I have to laugh at all the people ripping on him, hopefully he keeps putting on a show as long as the run keeps going.

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