Sign This Petition to Make Boban Marjanovic the Lead in Space Jam 2

This weekend marked Sixers Center, Boban Marjanovic’s acting debut in the box office hit John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Boban’s glorious big screen charisma proved he is not only an ELITE talent in the NBA but an ELITE acting prospect.

As Lebron reportedly struggles to find talent to join him in Space Jam 2, maybe Warner Bros. needs to change course. Do the right thing and make Boban Marjanovic the new lead in the upcoming Space Jam 2 movie. 

Boban’s recent appearance in John Wick 3 was the most charm the movie screen has seen since young Leonardo DiCaprio died because Rose wouldn’t share the board with him in Titanic.

Aside from his recent stellar acting, Boban should be considered for the role based on his dominance on the court. Boban outscored Lebron this postseason by 64 points!

Being able to dunk without jumping seems like something that would only happen in Looney Tune Land. Seeing as Boban does this regularly, this seems like a perfect fit.

Bugs Bunny and Boban, the combo the world needs in Hollywood.

Sixers, do the right thing and re-sign Boban. America, do the right thing and make Boban the rightful heir to Michael Jordan in the Space Jam franchise.


By: Aidan Powers and Ronnie Olesnovich

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