Let’s Not forget Zeke Punching DJ’s

The Following is a Story Repoeted on in July of 2017:

When the news broke that there was an altercation Sunday Evening involving Ezekiel Elliott, Star Running Back of the Dallas Cowboys, no one was surprised. Thursday when the Dallas Police Department announced that the investigation stalled the public was left wondering whether anything actually happened or if the alleged victim was paid off. The alleged victim, DJ dTrain aka Daryl Ibeneme, was punched in the nose as seen in a picture obtained through a friend of the victim.

DJ dTrain was Djing at the upscale Clutch Bar in Dallas when the altercation occurred. Varying reports and the lack of eyewitness statements have left the public guessing. Elliott has a past marred with alleged domestic violence and other rumored altercations. An anonymous source close to the DJ claims “He’s a genuine sweet man…”.

As to why the DJ has neglected the police and not filed a police report a friend of DJ dTrain who goes by the stage name TLack had this to say:

Reporter: “So Zeke did that and he’s not gonna press charges?”
TLack: “He got paid off.”
Reporter: “By Zeke or the cowboys?”
TLack: “All I know is they had a meeting about it. And that was the outcome”
Reporter: “Who is they? Jerry or Zeke or someone from the cowboys?”
TLack: “Zeke and his agent.”

Attempts to contact DJ dTrain and Elliott’s representatives all were unsuccessful.

– Chuckles152


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