Jimmy Butler’s Town

Jimmy Butler is a passionate guy. He exudes confidence and a will to win that’s majorly respected and adored here in Philadelphia. The last basketball player that had this kind of Mojo was Allen Iverson and that man will never need to buy a drink or dinner at TGI Friday’s or Houlihans(R.I.P. City Line Houlihans) again. So when Jimmy put a Thank You note up on Instagram for his teammates and Philly everyone freaked. You had sports radio hosts making up rumors of Jimmy saying he was never coming back. You had Twitter sleuths saying Jimmy was buying a house in Montco. What is the truth?

Truth is, if you look at Jimmy’s Twitter and Instagram Bio’s they both say Philadelphia.

Now this might mean nothing but to me, Jimmy is a guy who speaks volumes by his actions and his actions tell me he wants to stay in Philadelphia.

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