Ranking The Worst Endings To Great Shows

So Game Of Thrones ended last night and if you missed it here’s a recap. (Insert loud fart noise.) I thought we were going to get the episode that would save the season and instead we got the episode that destroyed it. So many questions left unanswered but more importantly so many plot lines that ended up not mattering. Thought it was the perfect time to power rank the worst endings to great shows.

5. Seinfeld

Full disclosure, I’m not a Seinfeld guy. Not that I don’t like it, seen a handful of episodes and they were all really good. Just never got into it. If I was 5 years older I feel like it would have been one of my favorite shows of all time. With that being said I know people didn’t like the ending so I thought it was right it be added to the list. Also thought about going with Breaking Bad here but couldn’t do it.

4. Lost

People hate lost. Some would even say they loathe it entirely. I personally loved it. Start to finish thought it was amazing. But the ending is 50/50 to everyone so I had to add it. Most of the distaste for the show comes from the idea that none of it mattered in the end. A theme we will see again.

3. The Sopranos

Sopranos ending was laugh out loud funny. The thought that so many people called their tv providers thinking their cable was broken kills me every time. That was before Twitter was the answer to everything instantaneously too. Just all these fat old Italian dudes freaking out and throwing shit at their TVs. Pure comedy gold. But if you were one of those people this would have had you enraged. Understandably as well.

2. Game Of Thrones

Alright let’s talk about it. Game of fucking Thrones. Had a chance to be the greatest show ever created but instead shit the bed in the last season. So many of the storylines never mattered, it’s mind blowing. Remember the Night King and the white walkers? You know the people that were hyped up since day 1? Yeah, never mattered. The show would have been exactly the same had they never existed. Like the Nazis in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. They didn’t matter at all. Could have done the entire story and never mentioned them. How about Jon being a Targaryen? Also never fucking mattered. Homeboy is out in the woods playing Boy Scouts with the free folk for the rest of his life.

Everything just felt so rushed. The biggest moment in the show’s history when Jon kills Dany happens. Then they just go “yeah so blah blah blah a few weeks later.” You can’t just have one of the biggest characters kill the other biggest character and just fast forward like that. It’s pure anarchy. Just make the season ten episodes. Explain some shit.

But that’s how this entire season felt. Never got to see Sansa and Arya react to hearing Jon was a Targaryen. Never got to see what happened in the aftermath of Dany’s death. Every time the show had an opportunity to give the viewers something they wanted they dropped the ball. Except we got to see Jon pet a fucking dog so whoooooo.

This last episode was also particularly annoying because of random things that they did show us. Like Tyrion finding his brother and sister. Hold up, this entire building was supposed to fall on them and Tyrion just finds them in 10 seconds? They had like 4 bricks on them. GTFOH.

Also the dragon burning the throne was so corny. A dragon. A fucking dragon will understand the complexity of the situation and the symbolism of the throne? Out of my face with that shit. If he could understand that he would have figured out Jon killed her and murdered the shit out of him.

Then of course Bran being king. Insane that Tyrion, a prisoner of war would be allowed to choice the king of the realm. None of it made sense and they tried to top it all off with comedic moments from Sam and the council at the end. We don’t want jokes, we want answers you pricks. There I’m done.

1. Dexter

But even with everything that ruined the last episode of game of thrones. Nothing will come close to being a bigger let down than Dexter’s finale. It’s one of those moments in history that you know exactly where you were when it ended. The final scene played, I legitimately jumped up and said out loud “are you fucking kidding me?!!?” Never been so upset about wasting so much time in my life.

The thing about Dexter is some seasons were amazing. Season 1 was great. A little predictable but just gold. From that point on it was all ups and downs. One season would deliver every single episode and others were just boring and flat. The second to the last season felt more like a chore than anything else. Like if I can just push through this shit, the final season will be here. Overall Dexter’s final season was great until the last episode.

He had a chance to just leave, be with Hannah and the Hurricane was going to take care of everything. But no. Fuckface decided he needed to become a lumberjack. Yup you read that right. 8 years of build up for the main character to just go hide in the woods forever. Sound familiar? Any time someone asks about a new show to watch I tell them, “Dexter is good but the ending will piss you off to the point you’ll wish you never invested any time in it. Sooooo do with that information what you will.

A fucking lumberjack.

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