Basic Bitchin’: Stop Asking Celebrities For Retweets To Get Out Of Homework Assignments


Not to make myself sound like an old crazy cat lady in a mumu (even though I am), but today’s kids have it too easy. When I was in school and even in college you got homework, had an exam and you just went to the library for 12 hours, guzzled 16 cans of Red Bull and powered through it.

But today’s generation is getting a little too social media savvy for my own liking. Too worried about going viral that it’s taking away from their education. The latest athlete to fall into this trap was Luka Doncic.


This high school teacher in North Texas agreed to let her students opt out of the writing part of a final exam if Luka retweeted this photo. First of all, why does Mrs. Rosenbaum have a twitter and feel the need to include her handle in the phot? If you ask me this is a lame attempt at promoting her own account. Mrs. Rosenbaum probably thinks she has the most fire educational memes out there and just wants a few more followers. She’s out here retweeting old students saying how great of a teacher she is and articles about this one retweet. What kind of a teacher prevents her students from learning from one Luka Doncic retweet? Sounds like Mrs. Rosenbaum might be a little thirsty for Luka, hoping he might see her in the picture and put her in the courtside side chick section.

If I were on the school board I’d have a little something to say to Mrs. Rosenbaum about her “curriculum”. How are you going to teach the children of America how to work hard and study when they think they can just ask a celebrity for a retweet to get out of it? These kids are going to grow up asking Kim Kardashian’s kids for a retweet to get out of doing their taxes.

First of all this starts with the teachers. If any twerp 16 year old high school kid approached me asking if the whole class can be exempt from something for a Luka Doncic retweet I’d laugh him right out of the classroom. Mrs. Rosenbaum’s lazy ass is probably just happy to have less grading homework to do, and more free time to spend cultivating her Instagram content. And if you’re trying to get out of a whole part of final exam you need someone bigger than Luka to do it. This is Texas. I’d settle for nothing less than Jerry Jones. But once it reaches Luka’s account, he has got to put an end to it. I’d retweet with comment and tell Mrs. Rosenbaum to add a section to the exam to fuck these kids over. Make them study and go to English class or else we’re going to end up with a whole new generation worse than the participation trophy generation. The lazy retweet generation will be the end of us.



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