Tom Brady Has Got To Force His Son Into Football After Seeing These Videos Of Arch Manning Play

Arch Manning, the 13 year old heir apparent to the Manning family, is already dropping dimes like his uncles Peyton and Eli. While this video clip shows some impressive highlights, it was clearly publicized by his namesake Archie Manning so if Arch ended up throwing an interception to lose the game or take an ill advised sack pushing his team out of FG range, we’re not going to see it in this highlight video.

Arch Manning is 6’1 and heading into high school next year where he will start as a freshman. Since the video went viral, everyone has been only mentioning him as “Peyton and Eli’s nephew”.

No one has it worse than Cooper Manning. First he spent his youth watching in the shadows of his two brothers while his dad decided which one was the favorite in a 2 man race. Cooper had an ‘injury’ to his spine that ended his chances at professional sports even though there technically is no proof that he just wasn’t good enough so Archie Manning had to make up a career ending injury so he wouldn’t tarnish the Manning name. Now he’s got a freakishly talented 8th grade son that Archie Manning will groom to be the next Colts QB? Only plus side is that you don’t give people a reason to actively call you stupid and dumb looking all the time.


The second layer to this story is that now we are set up for the next great NFL rivalry. There’s absolutely no chance Tom Brady doesn’t see this video of a Manning kid and immediately get his son Jack into the TB12 facility. They are 2 years apart, just like Tom and Peyton. Only one has winning literally embedded in his DNA though. He already looks like a starting QB. Bill Belichick may coach just long enough to get Jack to beat the shit out of Arch Manning in and AFC Championship game.



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