Visit Philly Owes All Philadelphia Residents An Apology After This Video

I’m enraged. This is as corny as corny gets. Also if you’re going to go with this type of video, maybe get the girl to say “Jawn” correctly. Lady it’s not John. ERock and company don’t run a 4th and John tailgate. That same girl also destroyed that Tasty Cake which should be at least misdemeanor assault.

Visit Philly is only to blame though. Whoever created that “sexiest accents” lists started all this madness. First off Philly and Boston accents are the opposite of sexy. Both cities sound like complete idiots. Example A: The Celtics are the Balls guy.

GTFOH. You sound like a total moron. The only thing that would make a lick of sense is that people got confused and thought they were voting for the least sexiest. Then there is our beloved Philly.


Gross. Hate when people sad “wooder” just a complete lack of trying to speak correctly. Come to think of it, Philly and Boston deserve each other. We’re blue collar cities that have no clue how to communicate properly. This is the second time in one week I’ve had to come at Philly and I don’t like it. Look what you made me do Visit Philly. And listen I’m not above this. I have a HARD Delco accent. I get reminded of it any time I’m more than 10 miles away from home. Just stating that this video made me throw up in my own mouth.

Fucking jawn man

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