Double Shot At Love With DJ Pauly D And Vinny Episode 7 Recap: Did We All Know Angelina Is An EMT?

YEAHHH BUDDY Angelina is finally here.

The weirdest part of this show is that these girls can just actively text these guys all throughout the day? It’s not humanly possible to keep up with texting that many girls at once. There has to be an intern that manages all those incoming texts. He just shadows Vinny and asks him what he wants to reply. It would cause arthritis.

Pauly and Vinny are screaming emergency and there is an ambulance approaching the house. Honestly Pauly sells it pretty well and absolutely no one looks panicked, which means it was definitely staged. You can’t just fuck around screaming emergency with an ambulance pulling up this day and age.

Angelina hops out of the ambulance in an extra tied crop top from the Halloween costume store “since we all know she works as an EMT”. I consider myself pretty hip to the times and I have no clue Angelina was an EMT. Can we get some sort of documentation for this? A certificate or something. I sort of just thought she waited around for another Jersey Shore spinoff to need her for a few episodes. Imagine having an actual emergency and Angelina the Staten Island dump pulls up to save you???

There is a very stupid competition that Nikki and the girl who spells Brittany wrong win easily. Before the girls could even really get mad at Nikki again, Angelina tries to peer pressure her to take shots and drink even though she doesn’t want to get blacked out and embarrass herself on national tv. Angelina could learn a thing or two from Nikki.

For some reason Angelina turns the whole thing on Mish who is the easiest target. She starts screaming at her and Mish runs upstairs into a closet to cry. Vinny reminds her this is Angelina we’re talking about and her opinion means nothing.

After the situation (not that one) is resolved, the girls and Angelina ask each other very personal questions about the guys in front of each other. Once it gets to Nikki she starts bragging how she went on a date with Pauly and thinking about Pauly makes her start to cry. It’s been 4 days. Suzi (I think I saw her real name was Susan??), in her finest leather hat, starts calling Nikki shady. Every Nikki confrontation is a missed opportunity if not in a face mask, but this is a good one. Nikki turns into some kind of Jamaican transformer and it honestly sounds so cool. I’d love to have an X factor thing like that. The next day everyone is talking about my cool Jamaican accent and knows not to fuck with me.

The next morning, the winners + Maria get to eat brunch with Pauly, cooked by the rest of the house. I’m starting to get worried–the more this show continues, the deeper in love with Pauly D I become. I’m even getting jealous of Nikki. This is my soulmate:

Did we miss a barbershop segment on this episode? Did the barber have a vacation? Just didn’t need a haircut yet? At the cab ceremony Vinny’s hair does look kind of long. Pauly’s looks perfect as usual. A very rushed cab ceremony where we don’t even see every person get called down. Mish gets eliminated and they could have sent 6 more girls home at this point.




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