Americas Missing Cocktail

The Caesar, more than a drink. A creed.

America has been ignoring a cocktail that I cannot believe for the life of me has not caught on more, it could be Canada’s best kept secret. Friday May 18th 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the greatest cocktail created in the history of the world and several parts of the solar system.

The Caesar. – Without wasting time, here is how you make one.

  1. Take a lime wedge and rim a tall glass with it, making sure that the entire rim of the glass is now wet with lime juice.
  2. Take a small plate and fill it with celery salt, now rim the glass with the celery salt much like you would rim a margarita glass with salt.
  3. Now take the fully rimmed glass and fill it full of ice, take salt and pepper and shake twice each onto the ice. Then grab Tabasco sauce and shake in 2-3 drops, as well as Worcestershire and shake in 4 drops (it is important to add these before the alcohol.)
  4. Now add 1 oz of vodka (or however-many you want sicko)
  5. Now fill the remainder of the glass with Clamato juice.
  6. Choice of garnish- celery, and lime wedge, and/ or pickled bean.
  7. Now Immediately get ready to party.


These are not Bloody Marys, Bloody Marys probably taste like hot shit. Wouldn’t know, never had one, Been too busy sucking back all these caesars. Caesars are made with Clamato, Clam and Tomato juice. Which may not come to a shock to some, but I literally was a bartender for 2 full years without knowing what Clamato even really was so I just want to clarify so you the reader are aware. Caesars were made in my hometown of Calgary Alberta Canada. Walter Chell was the restaurant manager at the Westin Inn in downtown Calgary in 1969 when he created a new cocktail for the revamped Italian restaurant in the lobby. Old Walter probably didn’t realize that he would go onto change the entire mother fucking world, but he sure did. So essentially what I am saying is try these out if you have not. Canada has been riding the flavour wave for the last 50 years time for you all to join. The greatest hangover cure ever, or just the perfect drink to get the ball rolling again when you’ve found yourself on hard times. Find a Caesar near you Today.

I asked some fellow branded members about the Caesar and it was not very high on anyones radar, like you all, time to give it a chance.


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