So Vlad Jr has been in the majors for about a cup of coffee now. And let’s be honest…

He has been struggling.

But that is ok. This major league career thing is a marathon not a sprint. I would much rather Vladdy have a 10 year killer career than an awesome 2 week streak to start it.

People were starting to freak out.

“Maybe he shouldn’t have been called up.”

“He is no where close to being ready!”

“The pressure is way to high for him.”

And I called bullshit on all of it.

Like Aaron Rodgers would say:


The kid is uber talented. The kid just got called up. The kid is playing in a different country (Canada) and this is something this kid has been dreaming about his whole life.

…Oh yeah, and he’s a KID.

Image – mlb.com

Yes, I am a Yankees fan and yes he plays on an AL East Rival team. But I don’t care. I am drawn to Vlad Jr like bees are to honey. The dude is electric. He did nothing but his MOON SHOTS in the minors and guess what it’s times for him to do it in the majors.

Last night was his coming out party in San Francisco. He went 3-4 with 4 RBI, 2 walks and 2 home runs. Have a night kid… Have a night!

Image – Starting 9

“But.. But… He is batting under .200 and has more strikeouts than walks.”


I would now officially be scared for every major league pitcher and every major league (juiced) baseball that faces this guy. Because he is about to go on a run, and do nothing but put baseballs into orbit!


Be ready, and be on the right side… The Vlad side.

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Feature Image – Blue Jays

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