Was Kendall Jenner Watching And Cheering For Ben Simmons As He Got His Heart Broken In Game 7?


It’s very hard to tell from this video if it is indeed Kendall watching the Sixers last possession before Kawhi Leonard ripped the entire city of Philadelphia’s heart out in game 7 but according to SportsGossip.com, that skinny fan with a cute bob is indeed Kendall.

Kendall and Ben’s relationship status is still very up in the air, last I heard she was trying everything to win him back after allegedly cheating on him approx. 6 times, most recently with her sister’s ex French Montana. Last week we saw Kendall and Harry Styles reunite at the Met Gala and they were apparently at the club together until the early morning. In the past few months she’s been rumored to be fucking Blake Griffin again, hanging out with Jordan Clarkson, and if James Harden hadn’t already put the thots on ice for the playoffs I’d say that’s a possibility too. Seems like the first stop after being knocked out of the playoffs is Kendall Jenner’s house.

While the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters seem to be the ones getting walked all over by the NBA, I kind of love Kendall being the most savage one of all. Unfortunately Ben Simmons is paying the price for what the rest of the NBA has done to America’s first family. This is partially Tristan Thompson’s fault. Khloe has got to be up in Kendall’s ear encouraging this cheating, she probably even set up the whole French Montana scandal. If Kendall could leave Ben pregnant and alone, I like to think she would have already done so.

There’s no video evidence of Kendall watching the exact moment Kawhi hit the quadruple doink to eliminate the Sixers from the playoffs but if Ben had needed someone to wipe away his hysterical tears in the locker room tunnel, I bet she would have been there.

Even though no one can actually confirm Kendall and Ben are still together or not, they are rushing to blame Kendall for the excruciating loss just like every girl who gets cheated on blames the other woman. Maybe if Ben had better dick game it would have helped his jump shot and Kendall would have been able to push the Sixers to at least the Eastern Conference Finals, just saying.




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