Branded Sports QB54 Tournament

Big shout out to Zach O’Connor our camera man for his work on this project. The video came out absolutely perfect. Also huge shout out to the guys at QB54. They designed the greatest tailgating game on the planet. I haven’t stopped thinking about the next time we’re going to square up again and play.

You have to, and I mean HAVE to, go and get one of these bad boys. MDW is almost here and there is literally no better game for the beach, Phillies games, BBQing, anything that involves hanging out with your friends, than QB54.

Link to snag one 

Link to snag one

Link to snag one

If you have any competitive bones in your body, you’ll love this game immediately.

Enjoy the video, and for the record, Vinny was hands down the best player. The guy missed the target maybe twice. Guy is an absolute sharpshooter. If Wentz goes down again, put the man in.


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