Bachelorette Contestant Gets Caught Asking A Girl On A Date The Weirdest Way Possible

Bhahahahahaha. What the shit is this? Listen I don’t watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette or bachelors in paradise or bachelors in the wild. I know it’s insanely popular and I have to imagine that when I look at my timeline during Bachelor season. It’s the same thing someone that doesn’t watch Game of Thrones goes through as well. Just none stop gifs of people side eyeing over people and women super upset because some nice guy gets left hanging. Impossible to keep up with.

So with that being said I have no idea who this guy is. In fact this tweet could be completely made up and I’d be none the wiser. But judging by the amount of retweets and the comments under it, it’s 100000% real. And that makes it hilarious. #RollerBoyRyan goes with the world’s creepiest approach trying to court this young lady.

Birthday wish pick up line? The worst part “Oh…with you of course.” Get out of my face with that. No shit with her you dunce cap. Stop. You know who this is ladies? This is that guy from that mini series “You.” Yeah, this is guy that’s overly sweet and then BOOM, he’s murdering your best friend. Nothing wrong with a nice guy, not saying that. Is something wrong with this level of nice though.

No shot this guy wins and honestly might be eliminated already. If you are a gambling person bet on this guy getting cut and crying immediately after. First person to cry, this guy -50000000. Bet your house, car and first born on it.

Featured Image: Sammiigurl7 twitter

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