Mugshot Monday: Crazy Dog Petting Woman


Happy Monday everyone!

So instead of normally featuring some kind of celebrity or known person… Today I saw a story I just couldn’t pass up on.

About 80 miles from Columbus Ohio, police got a call about a break in/burglary.

However nothing was stolen.

ABC News “Deputies arrived at the home and spoke with an individual who said a woman had entered their residence through the back door, sat down on the couch and began to pet the family dog, then washed the dishes and left.”

Umm I think the woman should get a medal not hand cuffs. Ok, yes it is a little weird that she just walked in, BUT… Who doesn’t want to pet a dog, am I right?

Then she made up for the weirdness of walking in with more weirdness of doing the dishes. I bet that was her way of apologizing!

Then she just… Left! “Big Gulps huh? Welp… See ya later!”

Image – ABC News

When the woman was found… Surprise Surprise she was on drugs. After trying to give a false name to police the woman said she was up for two days straight

That is a hell of a drug. But not drugs take away the need to pet a puppy!


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