Danny Amendola Was In Miami This Weekend Getting Wasted And Banging His Teammates Ex Who Is An “Instagram Influencer” Because He Is DEFINITELY OVER Olivia Culpo….

I wanted to give this a weekend to breathe and to let Olivia have her moment. After all, she was in Miami this weekend for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue release where she is being featured with these extremely hot pics that were taken the day she found out Danny Amendola was cheating on her at the beach with the dollar store ripoff girl. You guys know this whole story by now and if you don’t just send me a message and I’ll provide the cliff notes version.

This whole weekend in Miami was all about the Sports Illustrated girls and it was also Olivia’s birthday so she practically owned the city. Even invited that “scrony fuck” Zedd out for the bday dinner.


For a reason I’m still struggling to understand, Danny Amendola was also in Miami for the weekend. As another reminder, Danny just signed a deal with the Detroit Lions. Most players have at least started to trickle in for team activities and you might think Danny would be focused on the upcoming season, getting some extra reps in with Matt Stafford or just bonding with his new teammates.

Well it appears Danny is taking bonding with his teammates to a new level since he spent the entire weekend fucking his new teammate’s ex girlfriend, Emily Tanner. Us Weekly came out with a wonderful breakdown of Emily, which couldn’t be more clearly written by Emily herself if it was attributed to her publicist. We learned she thinks she’s well educated because she went to Michigan State and she really wanted us to know that despite the fact she’s a social media influencer/model, she’s actually very shy. Sure Emily, I’m sure the paparazzi pics of you and Danny on the beach rubbing oil on his abs weren’t staged at all. How shy can you be when you have to film a 3 minute unboxing of your Fab Fit Fun September box? She also loves dogs! Clearly….


Emily was not shy all weekend about sharing the exact same Instagram content as Danny. Shoutout to Jessica and Stacy whose investigative journalism skills would make me terrified to ever date them, but I’m glad to have them on my side. As a group we vow to not let any fuckboy get by on our watch.


Emily lives in Detroit and apparently used to date a player on the Lions. For someone who believes there should be a boundary btw private life and social media and not a “fishbowl” lifestyle so much that it caused a fundamental barrier in his relationship with his Miss Universe Sports Illustrated model who has commented zero times on the breakup, dating an Instagram influencer who also dated his new teammate is an interesting move.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.20.47 PM.png

At this point Danny really can’t be trusted to his own devices for more than a few hours. Even as Edelman walked the stage to get his degree after 10 years, he had to break away to talk Danny down from a ledge. The NFL thinks this is a cute FaceTime between two buds? Why does Edelman have to tell him to go back to sleep and drink a lot of water? He makes sure to say “YOU’RE ON THE NFL” loud and at least 12 times to make sure Danny wouldn’t say anything incriminating or perhaps start crying about Olivia while this flavor of the week Emily was in the bathroom.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Danny doesn’t even make the cut in Detroit after this much erratic behavior. And we’re not welcoming him back in New England after all you’ve done to our queen.




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