We Have A Golden Bear In Need Of Some Help

Everyone meet Madison. She is a freshman at Kutztown University and she needs some help. As you all know Branded Sports has a soft spot for all things Kutztown. CEO Joe went there, KMess went there and Jay was there enough to be considered an honorary Golden Bear.

So when a fellow Kutztownian(???) falls on hard times we want to do whatever we can to help. Please read her story and if you feel like helping out donate here.

Hi I’m Madison. I am currently a freshman in college at Kutztown University. When I was graduating high school and getting ready to start my new adventure, my mom was acting a bit weird. I figured maybe it was because her youngest child was growing up and she did her part. During my first week of college, around my birthday, I got a phone call from a random number and I answered it.

My mom called me from the hospital room saying she has been there for about a week. She told me that she has stage 3 lung cancer and if she doesn’t do chemo it will spread quickly to her brain. Since she lost her job, my stepdad and mom couldn’t pay for their bills, couldn’t get the car inspected, food, and almost lost their house because they couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage. I gave them money to pay for bills but i quickly ran out of it even though it was supposed to go to my tuition bills.

My grandmother was helping me out with school but cut my mother off when she found out she was sick. She canceled my tuition for the spring semester so I owe a lot of money and this will affect me when I need to register for classes next fall semester. All of my life I have always wanted to go to school to get an education and become successful.

I’m doing extremely well in school and I enjoy learning! I’m so doubtful that I won’t be able to graduate college and fulfill my dream. It would be so amazing if you guys can help in any way! 

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