The New Snapchat Filter Is Going To Be A Problem

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new snapchat filter that can turn any dude into a smoke. Catfishing is about to get a lot more dangerous with this type of technology running around in the streets.  

Don’t believe me check out this.

No way anyone thought that was a guy. Just a cute little lady and then bang, male voice comes out of no where. Need more proof? This is what our very own Jay looks like.

He’s looking cute as fuck. You see this girl at the bar, not flexing of course, and you’re all in. Great cheek bones, eyes are poppin, hair could use some conditioner but overall smoke piece. And how about me?

Guys I’m pretty as hell!! Let’s gooooooo!! Who wouldn’t want to buy me a drink? Now listen I’m not just some hussy, you have to wine and dine a girl like me. And don’t think I’m sending you nudes either, I’m way too smart for that. I know once it’s on the internet it’s forever and I’m not trying to have all the other girls in my chemistry class talking shit about me.

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