Double Shot At Love Episode 6: DJ Pauly D 2020 Is On

Last Week: It’s come to my attention that I am behind numerically with these episodes. This week is episode 6, but I said the last one was 4 so get over it. You know what I meant.

We’re back at the Double Shot at Love house with DJ Pauly D and Vinny and they are having girl talk at 3pm again in their shared room. Is this room with 2 beds just for filming or have Pauly and Vinny been together for so long now that they can’t sleep without each other?

For today’s group activity, we are going to be having a Guido Debate. It’s refreshing that the term Guido has not become culturally insensitive yet so long as Pauly and Vinny tell us we can say it. Again, the two guys are the ones competing and these girls on this show have it so easy. Never in the history of a reality TV dating show have the contestants not had to do any embarrassing athletic activities or hang out with elementary school children to see what kind of parents they’d make.

They ask Pauly about kids, and it’s honestly impressive how little we know or have seen about his daughter. Never one paparazzi pic or background of a Snooki Instagram story shot. And people just kind of leave him alone. After watching this debate I’m wondering if Pauly D should actually consider running for President in 2020.

Vinny wins the debate (the real fraud needs to be investigated here) and picks Elle to go on a date. Finally we’re getting a one on one but these people have still not left the house once. We learn that Elle is actually kind of smart and interesting, way too good to make the cut for The Bachelor.

Because Pauly “lost” he has to have a hot tub date with the rest of the girls. Do they have someone cleaning this thing regularly? Nikki is sitting silently staring in the distance while in the hot tub for attention because Pauly told her to “turn the crazy down a notch” and if he can ward off this level of crazy, I’m confident DJ Pauly D is the only one that can take down Donald Trump.

I feel like I know Maria because she was on Are You The One and I hope she gets Vinny which means she’d win the show but let’s be real none of these people are going to be in a real relationship out of this house. For some people that’s enough to not watch shows like this, but for those of you that are reading this, thank you for sticking with it.

The next activity the girls are going to vote superlatives and this is definitely not intended to start drama with Nikki…

All of the categories are super positive like Best Smile, Wifey Material and then we get to Most Jealous and it’s Nikki. We move on to the next, “Thirstiest” and I guess the same girl can win multiple superlatives so would you look at that, it’s Nikki. Prepare for takeoff.

Instead of her usual face mask confrontations, Nikki starts crying and it works well enough that Pauly and Vinny pick her for a one on one date. I guess once Nikki leaves there’s not enough storylines so producers need her there for at least a few more episodes.

After crying on the stoop, Nikki is sad she ruined her makeup and coincidentally I think it’s the best it has looked all season. Watching her reapply her incorrect color foundation is an extremely painful experience for me. I want to shake her through the screen MAYBE YOU’RE A 410 NIKKI JUST GO A SHADE DOWN. She gets her way and Vinny leaves so Nikki and Pauly can make out. What a letdown, even Pauly is not impervious to the crazy.

The cab ceremony is heah and random groups of girls are getting texts to come downstairs. Zuljeiy I think? ends up in the cab waiting for her outside. She should be thrilled to get to a Starbucks for the first time in weeks.

Next week Angelina is coming and trust me that’s must watch TV…







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