Type your name and “Glamour Shots” in Google and have yourself a nice laugh today.

Murt 2

You all remember the “Florida Man” google epidemic that went viral a few months ago right? Pretty sure my blog on that got over 14 thousand hits….Well now there is one with glamour shots and it’s fucking hysterical. HYSTERICAL. I actually have done this before and I was laughing so hard.

It’s very simple….


So for example mine would be “Meagan Glamour Shots” and here’s my best picture on the first line on Google images:


Hahahaha. Really wondering where I can get that massive boa from?

Please post your best “Glamour Shot” on the Branded Sports Twitter under the article for all of us to see!

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2 thoughts on “Type your name and “Glamour Shots” in Google and have yourself a nice laugh today.

  1. Did you feel accomplished saying you got 14 thousand hits on a 3 sentence blog? C’mon Branded what happened to long funny ass shit!?

    1. Yes so accomplished it makes me tingle inside. This wasn’t meant to be a long blog like most of my other ones. It was a quick blog to bring attention to the funny google search. But thanks for commenting “Make Branded Funny Again” guy!

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