Dak Prescott Embarrassed on Live TV… [Video]

So the Dallas Cowboys are closing in on an extension for Dak Prescott. A contract that could see him making $30 million a year.

The Cowboys have said they are all in on Prescott now and in the future. He has shown them beyond enough to warrant this kind of contract…

Well did they see what just happened to him on live TV? (We will get to that in a second.)

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Yes, I will give Dak some credit, he has not even missed a snap in his 3 years in the league with the Cowboys. He’s a tough son of a bitch and a great leader. But does that make him a great QB?


What is that old saying about great NFL QB’s and prospects? Oh yeah… “He makes all the throws.”

Welp… Dak can’t. We have seen that multiple times on the field, missing WIDE OPEN receivers down the field or over the middle.

And now we just saw another, even funnier example of it.

He was challenging David Carr in a fun throw off. No not Derek Carr… DAVID CARR. The guy who hasn’t been in the league in about a billion years.

So this should be a no brainer right? The current NFL Starting QB (who is about to be making 30 mill a year) vs the old washed up QB who now sits behind a desk.

Think again…

He couldn’t hit the target 7 feet away.

Call me a “Dak hater” call me “not a true fan” Nah… I’m a realist. This is just another (funny) example of why Dak is no where near worth $30 million a year.

Hey Dak… Prove me wrong and win the SB. Please.


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May 9, 2019 1:33 pm

This isn’t news worthy. Dak gets embarrassed on live TV every Sunday during football season