Who remembers Tyra Banks younger years? Duh, everyone does.

She was the Queen of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Tyra was the first ever African American woman to be solo on the cover, in 1997.

Image – The Undefeated

She retired from the modeling game years ago and has become a force in many other industries.

However, the now 45 year old mom is back to reclaim what is her’s. (No not the Iron Throne) But the SI Swimsuit Edition!

She is even breaking out the old polka dot bikini.

SI isn’t just easing her back in with a few pictures here or there. And they aren’t “giving her” the cover either.

She took it!

There is no way she is really 45.

Welcome Back Tara. You made a lot of young boys smile in the 90’s and now you are about to do it all over again in 2019.


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