Phillies Brass Fight Back Tears Talking About The Passing Of Dave Montgomery

The passing of David Montgomery is a sad one. The man was basically Mr. Baseball in the city of Philadelphia. Like everyone’s favorite uncle/dad/brother/friend and everything else in between. Earlier some of the Phillies brass shared their feelings about Dave’s passing and it’s going to get dusty quickly. RIP Mr. Montgomery and thank you for everything you did for my favorite team and city in the world.

NBC Sports: “Here’s another story about David Montgomery that I love. I witnessed it. In the summer of 2014, the Taney Little League team from South Philadelphia made an inspiring run to the Little League World Series in Williamsport. David was very sick that summer but never took a day off. (In baseball terms, he was a gamer. He was a fixture at the ballpark throughout his illness, including this spring in Florida.) That Taney Little League team embodied so much of what Montgomery loved — Philadelphia, the community, kids and baseball — that he refused to take a day off until he could get that group of kids to Citizens Bank Park for a pre-game honor that none of them will ever forget. I can still see David, wearing a Taney Little League shirt, high-fiving every one of those kids.

Soon after, Montgomery did take a day off to take care of himself. And soon after that, he transitioned into the role of club chairman. In spring training 2018, the owners of the club recognized Montgomery’s contributions to the franchise by naming the indoor training facility in Clearwater in his honor. The David P. Montgomery Baseball Performance Center sits on the same plot of land that is dotted with fields and buildings bearing the names of Carpenter, Owens, Schmidt, Carlton, Ashburn and Roberts. David Montgomery’s name fits nicely with all of those franchise icons.”

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