Mariann From Brooklyn The Book Promoter!

If you are a Howard Stern fan as soon as you hear the name Mariann From Brooklyn you immediately can hear her voice in your head. That streaking high pitched voice that we all love.


She is crazy but in a good way. She is not only a supporter of the show, a caller into the show… But she is part of the show. Mariann is by far the number one fan, and no one comes close… Sorry Bobo.

If you are not a Stern fan and have no idea what I am talking about… What the hell are you doing with your life?!

Well, now Mariann has stepped her game up even more. Beyond the normal yelling Baba Booey during a live broadcast or tweeting about the show.

Howard recently let the world know that he has a new book coming out… Finally. Howard Stern Comes Again. And it will be released on May 14th.

Mariann immediately began book promotion, even before Howard did. She has been calling into radio show after radio show and TV show after TV show to get the word out about…

Howard Stern Comes Again!

Whether it is the Dr. Drew Show or a CBS Sports Radio Show… Mariann will call in or even be asked to be on, to promote the book and talk about her one love… HOWARD!

She even knows Howard’s schedule better than he does. On a recent show Howard didn’t know he was scheduled for the View on an upcoming Thursday, but you know for damn sure Mariann was there to let him know it was on her Howard promotion calendar… And she was right!

Anyone who knows Howard knows that he hates doing all these Late Night Shows and Podcasts, but it’s a must for promotion. He is so big and everyone is so excited about this book that I honestly believe if he let Mariann do all the promotion the book would still be a #1 Best Seller.

We all want to know what the big secret is. We all want to read about his thoughts on all these incredible interviews we have enjoyed over the years.

Mariann is not doing her own promotion for herself or to be annoying. She is doing it because she truly believes Howard is the best ever at what he does and wants every single person in the world to enjoy his work!

She’s almost like Jesus, spreading the great word of Howard.

Keep doing your thing Mariann. Go sell those books for Howard!


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