Edelman Continues His Hot Streak By Making Out With A Brazilian Supermodel After The Met Gala

No one proves that all it takes to overcome being under 6′ tall is to win Super Bowl MVP’s and look like Julian Edelman quite like Julian Edelman. That 19 year old college girl really got in at the right time because now Edelman doesn’t fuck anyone that hasn’t walked in New York Fashion Week.

At the Met Gala, Edelman completely outshined every other athlete there by not wearing shorts or a skirt and giving his best blue steel. What a crazy week for Tom and Jules. Finish up partying at the Derby and headed straight to the Met Gala? You bet your ass Edelman had to hit up the hoes he’s got in different area codes.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.25.36 PM

After the “Gala” or whatever the fuck they actually do after walking the red carpet, if anything? Edelman was spotted posting up on some Brazilian supermodel, Fernanda Liz.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.28.41 PM.png

It can be confirmed since she posted this on Instagram that night. I don’t want to model shame anyone but if this is an outfit she wore to to the Met Gala that’s embarrassing. You’ve got Katy Perry walking around as a hamburger and Brazilian supermodels in an Express jumpsuit? Edelman is back in skinny jeans and no socks so it’s probably an afterparty.

When you’ve got a resume that Edelman has been meticulously building you’ve got to be super selective. In my opinion anyone that’s dated Adriana Lima has to keep things to a certain standard. I would say maybe this was a setup from Gisele so they could spend even more time together, but I think Jules is hot enough to pull girls like this on his own. It’s not coincidence that all this always happens when Edelman doesn’t have the gross face beard. The minute it goes from scruff to pubes he loses the supermodels. Maybe it’s a tactic to focus during football season and if so, the beard stays.



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