Tik Tok Is An Oppurtunity

Shockingly there is a new social media craze, hitting younger audiences. Tik Tok is something I’m sure many have heard about and some of you may already be on the app which is gaining serious traction. I downloaded it today and checked it out, it has potential. It is essentially Vine on steroids with qualities like instagram and realistically all social media apps at the moment, the only kick is for some reason every person using it is a stupid fuck.

I have spent under an hour on this app and have not seen one funny or cool video yet. Literally everything on here is hot garbage, its shit. Though you are allowed to make videos up to 60 seconds long with unlimited editing features, there has to be some funny people out there to make some shit. Maybe some of these people are at branded? Maybe they are not.. I want to start the discussion right now.

Does Branded hop on the TikTok train and make some noise?

There may not be another app online that allows you to embarrass yourself further, but I mean anything is better then the bullshit happening on there at the moment.

We could start a momvement…..

It has also come to my attention that not one single person under the age of 18 right now is currently funny at all in any way.


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