The Flyers Add Experience Behind Bench

The Flyers added some experience behind the bench, big time experience. As per club announcement yesterday afternoon the Flyers have announced that Mike Yeo, and Michel Therrien will be added as assistant coaches on Alain Vigneault’s staff for the 19-20 NHL season.

The coaches combine for 2,454 games of NHL Head Coaching Experience.

The flyers are in for a different environment come this fall when the season rolls around. After a season that saw a lot of moving parts for the organization including an NHL record breaking 8 different goalies used in a single season, a mid season coaching change, and missing the playoffs for the 3rd time in the past 5 years, the announcement of this staff is certainly a big one. Not many teams in the league and/or professional sports get this kind of experience behind the bench at a single time, the only thing the three of them are missing is a Stanley Cup… Maybe the three joining forces with the Black and Orange will finally give them the opportunity.

Mike Yeo is a sensation, the bald bandit became somewhat infamous because @Dannyallstar15 the twitter legend would always make funny jabs at Yeo and the then NHL Sniper Dany Fucking Allstar Heatley. He has had good teams in the past but has never amounted to much playoff success to date with a 17-19 post season record. He will be hungry to perform well behind the bench this year, Yeo is only 45 years old and would be a very viable candidate for a mid season Head coaching replacement for another NHL franchise. Though time will tell.

Michel Therrien is a coach that I have heard numerous hilarious off- ice stories about regarding his interactions with players and personel. Some were surprised that Therrien was back in the NHL with a job because of his somewhat old school mentality but he has quite the track record and over 1000+ games at the helm as an NHL head coach. He apparently used to smoke darts on the bus, crack the bus drivers window open in front of him and blow sweet nothings into the back of the drivers head the entirety of the trip, the flyers need someone smoking darts in the room. They need that sort of fire to start within. Pieces are in place now time for the flyers to make some strides, this is a great start for the organization to solidify their identity going forward. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I guarantee this move is making the Flyers watching from home this offseason a little excited to play for 3 experienced NHL coaches behind their bench. More to come on the flyers as the offseason rolls on.

Meet the Lads:


Head Coach: Alain Vigneault

Birthplace: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

May 14, 1961 (57 years old)

(Jack Adams 07′ ,all time winningest coach for Vancouver, 2011 All-Star Game)


Interesting Fact: Cant smile but still tries.

Added Assistants:


Mike Yeo G-482- W- 246- L- 181- OTL-55 – PTS-547

Birthplace: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

July 31, 1973 (45 years old)

Interesting Fact: Has bic shaved his head since 13.


Michel Therrien G- 756-W-375-L-284-T-26-OTL-73

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

November 4th 1963 (55 years old)

Interesting Fact: Smokes minimum 1 pack per day




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