Need Another Reason To Root Against The Bruins? I Give You Brad Marchand

1st off the Boston sweep is not going to happen this year thanks to the Celtics. They just went down 3-1 and the Bucks are closing them out this week. Hate to see it. Town doesn’t win enough, hopefully they can turn it around soon.

Unfortunately for everyone outside the New England area the Bruins are moving on the the conference finals. After they closed out the Blues last night Brad Marchand did an interview and well….it went like this.

Cool. You just won another playoff round and are moving on to the conference finals. Perfect time to act like a dickhead to the interviewer. Should have offered some cheese for the interview to this cheese eating rat bastard.

Also please don’t forget about this.

Dudes a scumbag. Let’s go Hurricanes. Beat the Bruins, not for Carolina. Do it for America.

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