Kyrie Irving Continues to be a Baby

Paul Pierce stating that the series between Boston and Milwaukee was over in favor of the Celtics after their Game 1 win, only to have the Bucks immediately win 3 straight, was the most predictable thing to ever happen. But that’s exactly where we stand After Milwaukee’s monumental win Monday night to take a commanding 3-1 lead.

Giannis shredded the Boston defense and silenced the crowd at the TD Garden. Before the final buzzer could even sound, Kyrie Irving stomped off to the locker room. Cameras following close behind. Of course.
When asked about his decision to leave early, here’s what he had to say.

Unfortunately for Boston fans (I’m a Philly fan there’s nothing unfortunate about this to me), this has been a typical Kyrie response this season. In fact, it wasn’t even his best quote of the night:

This is nothing new this year. He’s been stand-offish, cold to the media, critical of his teammates and most recently poorly playing in the playoffs. Going into the biggest summer of his life, Kyrie Irving spent the year being a baby.
People have been critical of Kyrie since his controversial arrival in Boston. I never faulted Kyrie’s decision to force his way out of Cleveland. He saw the writing on the wall. That Cavaliers roster was never going to beat Golden State’s loaded team. GM Lebron had ruined it for player Lebron and he was ready to leave Cleveland with the mess to clean up. Kyrie just beat him to the punch.
But now, his seemingly inevitable tenure in Beantown is coming to an end. It feels as though Kyrie squandered a great opportunity to prove how smart a decision he made by forcing himself there in the first place.
The guy who earlier this year ripped his teammates for not knowing how to win, possibly finished his Boston career going 15-44 in his final home games of a playoff series.
You gotta be a leader through thick and thin. Maybe Kyrie will learn that with Team #3.
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