I ordered my first Cameo… And it was awesome!

So if you haven’t heard of Cameo, where have you been?

It is a website with “celebrities” will send you a personalized video message and it is hilarious and awesome.

You can search through the site and see some of your favorites and people that make you think “they are still alive??”

You can search the site by who is being featured, actors, comedians, athletes, reality tv, wrestling “Youtubers” and much more..

…Oh there are even animals on there that will send personalized videos.

It is so easy it’s almost crazy. You just select who you want, select if it is for you or someone else and then you have 300 characters to fill in what you want them to say!

My uncle had a bit of a medical emergency last week and he is a big Howard Stern fan, as my brother and I are as well. So what did we do?

We got him a personalized Cameo from High Pitch Eric, naturally.

Click to watch:


My brother and I have decided that everyone in our lives will now be receiving Cameo videos for every holiday and special occasion.

You want to reach back in your 90’s childhood and send someone a funny message…

BOOM, Summer Sanders for $25.

How about a lovely heartwarming message from DEBO… Only $75.

The site even tells you on average how quickly each person responds. We got ours in 2 hours. I mean Flavor Flav i

n only 6 hours, yes please!


The list goes on and on! A ton of the brand new NFL Draft picks are on there, and cheap! A lot of the cast from The Office, Perez Hilton is only $28.99, I mean get on this now!

Brett Favre for only $500? What a steal!

Guess who the most expense person on the entire site is…

Just a small fee of $2,500.

But honestly our uncle got a god damn kick out of what we sent him. And I keep laughing every time I watch it too.

Head over to Cameo and have some fun!


Feature Image – Cameo

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